Betsy Ross Flag StyleSticks

Betsy Ross Flag StyleSticks

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Add the Betsy Ross Flag to your own shoes!


Want to wear the Betsy Ross Flag? Peel and apply this StyleStick design onto your own pair of sneakers, canvas, or flyknit shoes, and wear the flag today!

Comes with 2 Betsy Ross Flag decals (shoe not included).

🇺🇸Made in America 🇺🇸

Over 110 Patriots have ordered already 🦅


  • Grade A adhesive, specially designed to stick on your shoe for months on end.
  • Custom dye that weathers both storms and sunlight.
  • Pre-cut vinyl, making it easy to stick the decal right on your shoe.
  • Stick on any leather, cloth, knit, or hard surfaced shoes. To apply, peel the vinyl decals and place them on your shoe. 

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